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Smoothing Treatment


Instantly & safely smoothes-out up to 100% frizz and volume, and reduces the curl retention by 80%. NO FORMALDEHYDE or Formaldehyde derivatives. Transforms hair, leaving it sleek & manageable for up to 12 weeks. Carbo-C Amino Acids alter the disulphide bonds, ironing and blow-drying reforms bonds, Agave plant sugars help hydrate & condition. Same day hair color is OK. Can be used over Thio, Formaldehyde & Sodium Hydroxide processed hair. Meets OSHA and FDA standards.


"I purchased your smoothing treatment and used it. It is the ONLY thing that has worked on my hair in my ENTIRE 42 years of life!! Thank
you so much!"
Connie Barnett-Sturgill

"AGAVE Smoothing is the GREATEST treatment EVER!!! My Stylist Michelle Jager from Fresh Hair Design applied the treatment to my hair (curly, frizzy and grey) on Monday and my hair has NEVER been so silky soft and frizz free!!! I LOVE MY HAIR!!!”
Debra Kennedy-Johnson

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